It's Coming Down The Track And Around The Bend
by Bobby Conner [with Interpretation
by Rick Joyner]
All Scripture References are NAS unless indicated
From The Morning Star Prophetic Bulletin
April 1997
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This prophetic experience came January 8, 1997. As the vision started, I saw a very intense white light. The light began to sweep over me, and a voice standing to my right side in the light said, "Look what is coming down the track and around the bend. It is God's Gold and Diamond Train." Suddenly I saw the train tracks. One side of the track was named "Truth" and the other side was "Spirit."

These tracks were coming around the bend of a mountain pass. I could see a very large cloud of what looked like dust and steam. I heard a loud sound as the huge locomotive came into view. I was facing into the light on the front of the engine that was now so intense that it took a lot of effort just to face it.

There was a great disturbance from the sight and sound of this great locomotive as it came closer. Through the dust and ashes I could barely see the name on the front of the engine. Across the top was written the word "Judgment" and on the bottom was written "Mercy." As the train moved, the names would rotate so that at one time Judgment would be on the top and then it would reverse and Mercy would be on the top.

As the train came closer, I saw that the cars were not filled with gold and diamonds as I had expected, but with coal. I was disappointed because I was told that I was going to see "God's Gold & Diamond Train." Then the voice standing near my right side said, "YES! This is God's Gold Train." Then I heard the Lord Himself say, "This is My Goal Train." I then knew He was speaking of equipping and training. He then said, "There will be plenty of true diamonds and real gold after the heat and pressure that are coming." I knew that He was speaking of refining. and the passage in Malachi 3 came into my heart,

Behold, I will send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me: and the Lord, whom ye seek, shall suddenly come to his temple, even the messenger of the covenant, whom ye delight in: behold, he shall come, saith the LORD of hosts.

But who may abide the day of his coming? And who shall stand when he appeareth? for he is like a refiner's fire, and like fullers' soap:

And he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver: and he shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer unto the LORD an offering in righteousness (Malachi 3:1-3 KJV).

I was then told that the coming volcanic activity near Bend, Oregon, would announce the beginning of one of the greatest healing revivals in history. This healing revival will start around Hamilton, Ontario, and then blaze across Canada to Vancouver. From there it will turn down the Northwest Coast of the U.S. and cross the Pacific to the Far East.

I was then told to spell locomotive "local-motive." The Lord said that this local area in the Northwest was a seedbed of the healing anointing that was upon John G. Lake. The sign of volcanic activity around Bend, Oregon, is that the Lord is turning up the heat, but it will bring about a refining and purifying of His people so He can release healing in the earth in an unprecedented way.

The voice which was speaking then said to me, "Have you ever seen anything like this?" I looked and saw the very top of a mountain which was covered with pure white snow. I was carried to the rim so that I could look over into the large open top of the mountain. It was filled with beautiful, clear boiling water. I knew that this was the Word of God.

The last thing I saw was a light shining on a diamond, which brought out the brilliant colors that were within the diamond.

INTERPRETATION (by Rick Joyner):

This vision began with Bobby seeing the two tracks named Truth and Spirit. These should both be given our attention in preparation for what is coming. It will take both of these to keep what is coming "on track."

He then saw the bend of the mountain pass. Mountains can have different meanings, but here I think they represent obstacles, and the pass represents a way through them. Although there are obstacles to what is coming, God wants us to know there is a way through them, on the twin tracks of Truth (the Word) and Spirit.

The next thing Bobby saw was a great "cloud of dust and steam." Steam is power that is released by heating water. This speaks of fire coming upon the Word of God to release the power to propel this train. That it is mixed with dust speaks of flesh being mixed in the steam when it first appears. (Dust often speaks of flesh, or humanity, because Adam was made from the dust.) There is usually quite a bit of flesh mixed in with moves of God when they first begin. This is because He usually has to begin with the immature who have not yet become "old wineskins," unable to contain the new wine. Movements usually become purer as they make progress, but those who have a religious spirit and refuse to be a part of anything that has "mixture" (which there always is) usually miss what God is doing altogether, and often become opposers of it. This is a warning to not be put off by the dust which is mixed in with the steam at first.

The train then made a "loud sound" as it came into view, and it caused a great disturbance. This movement will not leave things undisturbed or as they presently are. Controversy and commotion are sometimes needed just to wake people up, and we can expect a lot of it in the movement that this represents.

When Bobby first saw the train, he saw a great light coming from the front of it, which had "Judgment" and "Mercy" written on it, alternating from top to bottom. We can expect both mercy and judgment to come, but His light will show the way through both of them. Though Paul exhorted us to "Behold then the kindness and severity of God" (Romans 11:22), many can only see God's kindness, and others can only see His severity. But if we are going to see the Lord the way He really is, we must behold both. We must not be thrown off track when suddenly His mercy is turned to judgment, or vice versa. Even in his most devastating judgments, He shows mercy. Even in His greatest kindness, there is a severity.

That Bobby found it hard to stand in front of this light because it was so bright speaks of light coming that will be hard for us to stand. But it is not only a part of the purpose of God, it is showing the way.

In dreams and visions, trains often speak of "equipping" (i.e., train-ing), and that is what Bobby felt this train stood for when he was having the vision. The cars in this train represent the different churches or groups that will link together to be a part of this great movement coming. The coal in them represents the people.

You can burn coal and get a little heat and power, but burning coal releases many impurities into the air. If we are patient and allow the coal to be put under the proper pressure and heat, it will turn into diamonds that are far more valuable. This represents a choice. Are we going to consume the people with our projects and ambitions because we want heat and power now? Or are we willing to wait and allow the Lord to turn them into precious stones that will be much more valuable?

Bobby felt that the mountain he then saw was the Lord Himself. The fact that snow was at the top of this mountain speaks of mercy and purity being at the very top of His purpose. As He promised, "Come now, and let us reason together," says the LORD, "Though your sins are as scarlet, they will be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they will be like wool" (Isaiah 1:18). God's entire plan for mankind in this age is based upon His removal of our sin by His mercy through the cross. The goal is that we would walk in a purity that He can inhabit, so that we are a worthy bride for His Son. True redemption always brings purity.

We must also understand that our God is a Consuming Fire (see Hebrews 12:29). If we look into Him we will find the pure living water, but it is hot! We often think of living water as being cool and refreshing, but it also may be very hot. We are washed by the water of His Word (Ephesians 5:26). Baths are usually hot, and it is hot water that He is using to cleanse His church. The pool of hot water Bobby saw within the mountain also indicates the release of a new level of revelation and illumination from the Scriptures.

The last thing Bobby saw was a light shining on a diamond, which brought out brilliant colors that were within the diamond. This speaks of the Lord's ultimate purpose, to take those who now appear as mere lumps of coal and make them into diamonds whose lives will reflect His glorious truth.



Volcanic Eruption For Oregon Warning

Rick Watkins




Prophetic Word for Bend/Three Sisters


Last year I saw this vision during my prayer time. For a while I wasn’t led to report this and merely recorded it in my daily journal, but the unction to share the warning now is very strong. About 1 month ago Holy Spirit led me to an article by Bobby Conner about a vision he had telling of coming volcanic activity near Bend, Oregon. I found his testimony of nearly 2 years ago archived in my journal. His vision was then quickened to what I saw so that the individual parts aligned and connected in a most inspired and revealing way, as you’ll see. Though I don’t personally know Bobby, I’m grateful for his faithful contribution to this revelation. (See copy of his post included here again for reference.) (Link to Bobby's post: It's Coming Down The Track And Around The Bend )


THE VISION. In the first scene I was standing in a vacated town with empty streets and looking up at the side of a nearby volcanic mountain. In the background I could hear voices as on a news station. I ‘knew’ the town had been warned of a pending eruption and the voices on the news were talking about how some people had chosen “to stay until the last minute” and refused to leave. The news story was about those who stayed behind to “pay wages.” I saw no one on the street in front of me, but I ’knew’ people were still inside the shops, or up on the mountainside. I felt that the town had tourist business activity. I gathered that the volcano was near a populated area and located in the great Northwest somewhere.


In the second scene I was focused on the cone-shaped mountain towering above the town when it began to shake. It shook so violently that I could visibly see the shaking begin at a mid-point halfway up the slope, and then it intensified and the entire mountain began to tremble. I was not shown the very top of the mountain. The slopes of the mountain were covered with evergreen trees. Whether trees exist on the slopes both ‘in the spirit’ and ‘in the world’, I do not know. There was no snow on the lower slopes of the mountain in my view. I caution that the details I was given may represent deeper meanings than what ‘meets the eye’ in the physical world.


Suddenly a massive chunk exploded out of the side of the mountain from about halfway up and shot through the air. It blasted out from the same center section where the shaking first began. The chunk flew through the air over my right shoulder and zipped past me like a meteor. Behind this explosion I saw a bright burst of red-hot lava streak through the air. A huge gaping hole was left, and the whole center section of the volcano continued to shake and rise violently revealing an overflowing flood of rising magma. For a moment I could see directly inside the resulting giant cavity left in the side of the mountain and watched as the magma flowed out above the town. It was evident that if people were still on the slopes it would have been like standing at ground-zero of a bomb blast. There was no indication that the top of the mountain blew.


Quickened revelation. Recently I was led back to Bobby Conner’s post archived in my daily journal. Then Holy Spirit quickened this Word to me; “...I will quicken My personal Word to you through any and all of life, no matter who or what. Keep your eyes on Me and I will quicken and bring to life My Word to you...” I Cor. 13:9- 13, “For we know in part and we prophesy in part. But when that which is perfect has come, then that which is in part will be done away. When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things. For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall know just as I also am known. And now abide FAITH, HOPE, CHARITY these three; but the greatest of these is CHARITY.” (My emphasis.) This verse turned out to be a great insight!


At this point let’s take a look at Bobby Conner’s vision (included) that was posted on Patsy Shelton’s ‘The Word of the Lord Today’ site back on 3/16/05. The title of his article is called “It’s Coming Down The Track And Around The BEND.” (My emphasis.) Now I’m going to quote the parts more directly quickened to my part of this revelation. Bobby says, “I was then told that the coming volcanic activity near Bend, Oregon would announce the beginning of one of the greatest healing revivals in history. This healing revival will start around Hamilton, Ontario, and then blaze across Canada to Vancouver. From there it will turn down the Northwest Coast of the U.S. and cross the Pacific to the Far East.”


“I was then told to spell locomotive ’local-motive’. The Lord said that this local area in the Northwest was a seedbed of the healing anointing that was upon John G. Lake. The sign of the volcanic activity around Bend, Oregon, is that the Lord is turning up the heat, but it will bring about a refining and purifying of His people so He can release healing in the earth in an unprecedented way.”


“The voice that was speaking then said to me, “Have you ever seen anything like this?” I looked and saw the very top of a mountain, which was covered with pure white snow. (Remember that I did not see the top of the mountain in my vision, and Bobby is seeing yet another part.) I was carried to the rim so that I could look over into the large open top of the mountain. It was filled with beautiful clear boiling water. I knew that this was the Word of God.” End quote.


When this testimony was quickened to me it helped me find the physical location of the volcano and to see deeper meanings. Bobby saw his volcano near Bend, Oregon, and that is why I highlighted references like “Around the Bend.” I also noticed some other phrases used in his testimony that connected with the eruption I saw. Notice the sentences I highlighted in yellow in his article. Phrases like, “clear boiling water,” and “looked like dust and steam,” and “a loud sound,” and “through the dust and ashes,” and “after the heat and pressure that are coming.” These are all phrases applicable to a volcanic eruption. Also notice, “the coming volcanic activity near Bend, Oregon,” and “turning up the heat,” and “clear boiling water,” and “a great cloud of dust and steam,” and “of fire coming,” and “mixed with dust,” and “the dust which is mixed in with the steam at first,” and “a loud sound,” and “a great disturbance,” and more.


Other insights. Next I began to research existing volcanoes in the Bend, Oregon area, based on these leadings. To my surprise, there were more than a few. On the Internet, I felt led to focus my search on the USGS report titled “DESCRIPTION: Three Sisters Volcanoes, Oregon.” (You can go there by entering, “Three Sisters, Oregon.” Scroll down to “Background and Information,” and click on “Description: Three Sisters Volcanoes.”) At the article, scroll down to the subtitle, “”Faith”, “Hope”, and “Charity.”” Now remember the verse I quoted earlier from I Cor. 13:9- 13. I highlighted the word “CHARITY” in that verse. To my astonishment, as I began to read about these volcanoes I discovered that their original name said to be given in the early 1800s, is FAITH, HOPE, and CHARITY! Now notice what the scripture said above about which one is the greatest. I found it interesting that the volcanoes were each named beginning from the north. Mt. Faith was the northern most, then Mt. Hope, and the southern most was called Mt. Charity! And Mt. Charity is also the tallest and measures 10,358 feet high, over 200 feet greater than the other two! Only South Sister, Mt. Charity has had eruptions in recent history. Now remember that Bobby said “I was carried to the rim so that I could look over into the large open top of the mountain. It was filled with beautiful, clear boiling water.” The South Sister volcano, Mt. Charity, also has a fresh water crater lake inside the cone!


Next I found an article titled “Suspected Volcano Forming In Oregon.” This shows how geologists recently recorded a swarm of 350 small quakes only 3 miles south of the South Sister volcano. They speculate that an underground lake of molten lava is forming and causing a bulge in the ground that was detected by satellite. I quote, “The US Geological Survey (USGS) says that a bulge in the Earth’s crust, covering an area of around 100 square miles, seems to be getting bigger, suggesting that a large quantity of magma is on the move.” (My emphasis.) (This article was published by Lucy Sherriff of The Register, Oregon, Thursday, Sept. 8th, 2005.) End quote.


I also found a USGS article titled “Ground Uplift Near South Sister Volcano.” This report includes a color graphic of a radar interferogram again showing the giant size of the area effected by this magma bulge. The ground uplift was measured by satellite to be about 4 inches over 4 years. This recorded evidence helps me see just how immanently urgent these vision/revelations are. Now we can begin to see that something BIG is happening right now under the ‘greatest of these’ volcanoes, Mt. Charity, the South Sister Volcano, near Bend, Oregon. In the last article above there is a subsection called “Volcanic Background.” I quote the opening line, “Three Sisters is one of three potentially active volcanic centers that lie close to resort areas in Central Oregon.” And that is what was also quickened to me. Please post any further insight, interpretation, or confirmation you may receive as the Lord leads you.





All Aboard His Glory Train
Sandy Warner


Words of His coming glory

Hi Loved Ones,
For at least 12 years the Lord has been speaking to His prophetic intercessors about His coming glory train. In 1987, my Mom, (we call her Grandma Anna) was awakened by a huge blast of a train whistle in her bedroom. The Lord spoke to her about His coming train. Since then, we have been waiting for this train with great anticipation.

This year the Lord shared that His train is VERY close. At the Cornerstone Church conference where Mahesh Chavda was speaking, Mahesh shared a vision. He had arrived from the airport with just enough time to rest before the evening meeting. As he was resting he saw the face of an Indian with his ear to the ground and a very large smile across his face. The perspective grew and he could see that the Indian was listening for vibration on some train tracks. The Lord told him that His glory train was coming and it would be loaded with many gifts.

Several minutes later Mahesh stepped down from the platform. I was sitting on the 2nd row because I was blessed to be a part of the ministry team, and he stood right in front of us. He was speaking of the Lord’s coming glory and said, "Get ready to feel the rumble of the train!" At that exact moment, I literally felt very strong vibrations under my tennis shoes. I was struck by His Spirit and I could literally feel the rumble through my feet. The vibrations entered my feet, traveled up my legs, to my stomach and I immediately erupted into radical shaking. I was shaking like a leaf all over! It was a powerful experience! (Psalm 99:1)

Because Mahesh had seen an Indian and the geographical location of this conference had a strong Indian history, he said that the glory train was coming to Southern Oregon, USA. I live north of Southern Oregon and all through the conference I kept saying to the Lord, "Oh Lord we have been standing for Your glory train to come for many years! Please come to our little church too!" On the way home from the conference, I did not know this, but some of our intercessors had also been praying all the way home that the Lord’s glory would come to our little church. As their car moved north, they prayed that they were bringing His "train tracks" with them. By the time they drove into our little church parking lot, they had gold dust all over them. That same morning as I was also traveling north, a sun beam came through the car window and I saw gold glitter all over my clothes and hands. It was my first experience with gold dust and I was very blessed.

The conference was an awesome conference and during Mahesh’s Watch of the Lord, I (and others) saw His cloud, smelled the incense of the prayers of His saints, and I literally breathed into my lungs vapor and humidity from His descending cloud. His Presence was so totally awesome that I did not want the conference to be over. So when we were driving home AFTER the conference the next morning, you can see why the appearance of the gold glitter was so special. Like the other intercessors, it had also been my prayer to bring back the glory of the Lord from the conference to our little church. I knew the gold glitter was a sign and confirmation that He would come there too.

In 1997, Bobby Conner also saw a vision of the Lord’s coming glory train. The following is a quote from that vision: "This prophetic experience came January 8, 1997. As the vision started, I saw a very intense white light. The light began to sweep over me, and a voice standing to my right side in the light said, "Look what is coming down the track and around the bend. It is God's Gold and Diamond Train." Suddenly I saw the train tracks. One side of the track was named "Truth" and the other side was "Spirit." (end of quote)

For several years the Lord has been saying that His glory is coming to the earth, and it will be ushered in on the wings of worship. Jesus said, "But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth." (John 4:23-25 NKJV)

According to the Greek, one way to apply this scripture is that we worship Him with blasts of air through our mouths, (as coming from our spirits) and we worship Him without hiding. Our worship and adoration of Him is to be vocal, unashamed, unabashed and thoroughly manifested!

The word spirit (NT:4151) in the Greek means, pneuma (pnyoo'-mah); from NT:4154; a current of air, i.e. breath (blast) or a breeze; by analogy or figuratively, a spirit, i.e. (human) the rational soul, (by implication) vital principle, mental disposition, etc., or (superhuman) an angel, demon, or (divine) God, Christ's spirit, the Holy Spirit.

The word truth (NT:225) comes from a root word meaning not concealed:

NT:225 aletheia (al-ay'-thi-a); from NT:227; truth:

NT:227 alethes (al-ay-thace'); from NT:1 (as a negative particle) and NT:2990; true (as not concealing):

NT:2990 lanthano (lan-than'-o); a prolonged form of a primary verb, which is used only as an alternate in certain tenses; to lie hid (literally or figuratively); often used adv. unwittingly: KJV-be hid, be ignorant of, unawares.

(Biblesoft's New Exhaustive Strong's Numbers and Concordance with Expanded Greek-Hebrew Dictionary. Copyright (c) 1994, Biblesoft and International Bible Translators, Inc.)

This week I attended Steve Shultz’s first mini conference for the Elijah list. (It was north of where I live, in Oregon.) As soon as worship started, the room was electrified with the Lord’s Presence. I sensed that it was packed with many angels as people poured their hearts out to Him; dancing, singing, shouting, raising their hands and unashamedly bearing their love for their King. It was interesting to me that when Steve had asked for a show of hands, it appeared that only about 20% of the people came from the church in which it was held. The rest of the people did not know one another… but as soon as worship began, they were immediately kindred hearts exuberantly worshipping their first Love.

During worship, I saw and heard several Words & pictures as I glanced at people in the room. There was a strong prophetic anointing in the gathering. Most of what I saw and heard I felt were specific to the people I saw, but 2 in particular I felt were Words for all of us.

I saw flickering flames about 10" tall on the head of Steve Shultz and also in the general direction of the singers on the platform. I heard the Lord say, "Chosen." Later I saw the wheels of His glory train start to move! I am not sure of the language of trains :) but on trains, there is a cross bar attached to the wheels. That cross bar has a starting point where it begins to move, then as the steam of the engine builds, the cross bar starts to move faster and faster, propelling the wheels and train forward, also faster and faster. I saw the crossbar just as it started its first rotation forward. Then I saw the wheels of the train begin to move.

I was VERY excited about seeing this, as this is His glory train! HALLELUJAH! Later as I was thinking about His glory being ushered in on the wings (or tracks!) of worship, I realized that when we entered into worship that night, the passion and flames were instantly ignited and what I saw was a sign that this kind of worship was moving His glory forward. I remembered that the Lord had given me a Word to Ponder about passionate worship and when I looked it up, there were the flickering flames!

HOLY FIRE From Words to Ponder, Volume 2

"A fire is building. Watch the flames flicker with each gust of wind. As I breath upon My people, the wind takes hold of each ember to burst forth new flames of kindled heat. Watch the fire. It grows hotter as each hour passes. Watch it build as My people return to their first love…. The flames of passion from My people grow, as they worship Me with all of their strength... The glow of desire becomes more intense as they seek Me with all their hearts… The luminescence of their minds electrifies as they hunger for My Words. The flame grows hotter. The passion deepens.

My people, who stir My heart. My people, who draw out My great longings to respond to your unabashed love. Call on Me and I will answer! Seek Me and I will be found. The cloud of My Presence will descend upon the earth and you will be found in Me for I dwell in the praises of My people. I long to dwell in the midst of your fiery passion. Let the fires burn. Let them burn deeply."

"For our God is a consuming fire." (Hebrews 12:29)

"And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart." (Jeremiah 29:13)

"Thou hast ravished my heart, my sister, my spouse; thou hast ravished my heart with one of thine eyes, with one chain of thy neck." (Song of Solomon 4:9)

[end of Word to Ponder]

As an application to this culminating Word, I believe that the Lord is saying several things: 1. His glory comes through radical, unhidden worship. 2. The worship of God’s people is igniting the heart of God and He is moving His glory forward. It will begin slowly, and build passionate steam until it moves faster and faster. 3. Have hope! As we experience His glory, then when we go forth, we build "glory tracks" to the places that we intercede over. 4. God’s glory train is coming to Oregon! 5. Steve’s Elijah list conference was a beginning or a birth of a new ministry for him, and the Lord’s blessing and glory will be upon these kindred heart gatherings.

The night I came home from the Elijah List conference, I heard the Lord call, "ALL ABOARD!!" He is calling us all to anticipate the arrival of His glory train, prepare its tracks via intercession and worship…. and then climb aboard as He pulls into a depot near you!


PS - For your information:

Mahesh Chavda Ministries

Bobby Conner

Cornerstone Church & Conferences

Elijah List



Glory Train - Part Two

Sandy Warner


Hi Loved Ones,
After a year of traumatic Internet warnings and wake-up calls concerning judgment and repentance, many loved ones have turned their lives away from the compromise of carnality and towards the Lord in holiness. They have chosen to let go of the world, turn to the Lord as never before and stand in the gap against prophesied judgments. As a result of these faithful ones, entire cites, churches, homes, families and individuals became sanctioned as sealed places of refuge. The fear of dark storms is under their feet, their focus is on the Lord and their hearts are earnestly anticipating His coming glory!!!

For those who have not visited my site, this week I updated the file, "All Aboard His Glory Train." It is now 33 pages long containing some very encouraging promises of His coming glory train. Files at my site are composed of misc rhema themes from people all over the world. For those not able to visit my site and print out misc files, a few booklets are available, mentioned at the bottom of this post.

The Glory Train file contains:


The following glory train dream was released today via several sources on the Internet and I am posting it in case you did not read it.

My prayer for you as we cross over into uncharted territory is that you and your loved ones will remain safe under the shadow of His wings. Psalm 91.




Jim Paul


This word about an end-time train of Signs & Wonders & Healing has been slowly growing in both my wife Dianne & I for some time. In 1995 my wife was warned about the coming removal of our home church - Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship from the Vineyard Movement in a vivid dream.

The dream was fulfilled to the most unbelievable detail. As a result, we have sought God for added insight about a train encounter at the end of the dream.

At the end of this dream she saw a powerful steam train moving out through a vast field of grain. It was clearly a time of Harvest. The light on the engine was very bright. Dianne actually hid herself from this powerful train as it approached. It was a fearful, awesome experience as it descended what looked like the Niagara Escarpment on the outskirts of the city of Hamilton, Ontario. This all took place what looked to be about Christmas time.

We began to understand this dream after Bobby Connor received the Jan.8,1997 vision about the Gold & Diamond Train. One portion of the vision describes a Signs & Wonders movement that will begin near the city of Hamilton, On. (See <> )

Some months ago, during our Monday Pastors Day-off, my wife & I went for a country drive. I headed west out of the city of Hamilton on my way to Lake Huron. Dianne had fallen asleep in the car. It was just me and the Lord. He began to speak to Me in a near audible voice.

"Son take note of that highway sign you just past". It was a sign for Ingersol, a town some 50 miles away. Again a little further down the road He spoke again.

"Son, take note of this sign you are now passing". It was a sign for St. Mary's, a town some 60 miles away from the city of Hamilton. After passing the second sign the Lord explained the importance of these two signs.

"Son, a great woman, Amy Semple Macpherson , with a great gift of miracle healing was born in Ingersol, Ontario, on the west side the city of Hamilton. Also a great man John G. Lake, with a great gift of miracle healing was born in St. Mary's on the west side of Hamilton."

Right there before my eyes a vast army of women & men rose upon the land and began marching toward the city. I knew then that what had been birthed near this lowly city of Hamilton was about to be re-birthed.

A miracle healing movement would descend upon this region and then begin marching to the west and around the world. This army is unstoppable. The noise of their feet was like a stream train, pounding out it's approach.

The Lord said to me "I will again birth the John G. Lake miracle healing ministry near the city of Hamilton and let it mature in the North West, where John G. Lake finished his ministry. This is Holy Ground to Me. I always finish what I begin." (Phil1:6)